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Dear Esteemed Regentonians and Guests:

Thank you immensely for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website. I do not believe that you came here out of chance. God ordained this moment for you to peruse this association’s page for several reasons. 

First, God wanted you to be part of a legacy that hopes to transform the Grammar school into a cutting edge institution in this century and beyond. 

Second, God wants to use you to help support our alma mater through your talents and financial resources so that our alma mater will continue to be the premier institution in West Africa. 

Third, if you are Regentonian, God is calling you to serve your fellow human beings and to help change the course of history for our young men who yearn for a better life in Sierra Leone. 

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Coming Events



Annual Christmas Bonanza and Fund-Raising Dance

Los Angeles, CA. 
Date:  Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Please come and join us in the Celebration 


History of the School



The Sierra Leone Grammar School was founded on 25 March 1845 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, by the Church Mission Society (CMS), and at first was called the CMS Grammar School. It was the first secondary educational institution for West Africans with a European curriculum. Many of the administrators and professionals of British West Africa were educated at the school.

The Church Mission Society founded Fourah Bay College in 1827 to provide training for African missionaries. As the academic standards of the college rose, the regular schools in the region were unable to produce students with sufficient education to be admitted to the college. The grammar school was founded to fill the gap. The CMS obtained a lease on a massive building with arches on all sides at Regent Square, Freetown, that until recently had been the house of the Governor. Opening on 25 March 1845, the CMS Grammar School was the first secondary education institution in Sierra Leone and the first in sub-Saharan Africa for Africans. 

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